Project64 Builds Windows

Play N64 / 64DD games on this Project64 build that I recommend for everyone to use.
Includes the following plugins with it: angrylion's RDP with OpenGL, GLideN64 and z64gl since 12/2016.
Check the tutorial section to know how to properly set plugins for 64DD use.
Includes saving and disk swapping support.


CEN64 is the new N64 emulator by MarathonMan. Still pretty early at this time, it is aimed to be accurate.
Mike Ryan added 64DD emulation later on based on MAME's 64DD emulation. Only a few games are working at this time of writing.
Requires 64DD disk dumps to be converted with ddconvert.


MAME, the known multi-emulator, has been the very first 64DD emulator, coded by Happy_.
All the other emulators uses its 64DD emulation code as a base.
Requires 64DD disk dumps to be converted with ddconvert. A tutorial is available for MAME.


A bunch of 64DD tools by jrra.
Can show disk dump information, extract files from the MFS, view Mario Artist saved content.


For converting dumps to a compatible format with MAME. (by Happy_)
(Updated 2016/05/30)


For converting MAME format dumps back to the SDK-based format.

64DD Disk Dumper 64drive ONLY

64drive is required. Follow the on screen instructions.
Since v0.56, it supports both gray (retail drive only) and blue disks (development drive only).
(0.57) Better Development Drive detection, untested.
(0.56) Now detects retail and development drives reliably.
(0.55) Disk ID related bugs are fixed. Filenames should be appearing just right.
Thanks Zoinkity for your findings!

64DD IPL Dumper 64drive ONLY

64drive is required. Follow the on screen instructions.
Blindly dumps the IPL ROM of the 64DD and makes a file named "64DD_IPL.n64" to the SD card.
Updated to support other regions of IPL ROMs such as USA.

64DD Disk Viewer

Lets you view blocks of your disks. Works on every flashcarts!

leoulx Internal Tool

Hidden within dn, the tool that fixes blue disks defects from the official N64 SDK, leoulx has been found by jrra.
It is an official tool that tests everything on the 64DD. It is very useful for emulation tests, but also for real hardware tests.

Gray version is made for the retail 64DD drive and gray disks.
Blue version is for the development 64DD drive and blue disks.


IPL4ROM is the ROM file usually uploaded to the Partner-N64 (usually with DISK cartridge plugged in) to boot blue development disks.
It's possible to run it on a flashcart for the same purpose. Taken from the N64 SDK files.

The JPN & USA Hacks are made by Zoinkity, to include the fonts and sounds so it doesn't require the DISK cartridge to see the errors, and also the English interface for the USA Hack.

I would suggest to dump your blue disk first, in case booting it may destroy some saved data.