Doshin The Giant 1 Tips & Tricks

Debug Mode

You must delete your save first before you can do it. Use the last option in the main menu to delete the save.

While selecting the new game option, hold R Button+C Button Left+C Button Right+Z Button+A Button (R + Left C + Right C + Z + A), make sure to hold A Button last.
A new screen will appear with a bunch of settings. Use C Button Up to access TYCONF.SF tab, C Button Left to access TYCONF.SU tab, and C Button Right to access TYCONF.SU(28) tab.
You can select an option by using the Control Stick, and press Z Button/R Button/A Button/B Button to change the option’s value that’s attributed to it.

WARNING: Do not enable TYCONF.SU DEBUG (Option 15) on a flashcart as it may corrupt the SD card, and on an emulator, the game will potentially glitch.