Using Ares

Ares is aiming to be the most accurate Nintendo 64 emulator as possible, while still being simple to use.
However this means that the emulator will not be as accessible to lower end PCs, due to the use of Parallel-RDP as the main accurate graphics renderer.

This will require a little bit of setup at first. Don’t worry, nothing is very complicated to do.

You can find Ares in the Downloads page, in the Emulators section.

Table of Contents:


The overall steps, if you feel like you know what you’re doing:

If you want a more detailed look at how to do it if you’re unsure, please read further from here.

First Step: Setup the IPL ROMs

Second Step: Setup the Controls

Final Step: Setup the 64DD Date & Time

Once it’s set up, you can now play 64DD games! Have fun!


N64 Mouse

Load N64 Game + Expansion Disk


Crash upon loading a 64DD game (up to v138 included)

Random stuttering

Reset the Date & Time

Mario Artist Polygon Studio has issues selecting models