Mario Artist Suite Tips & Tricks

Format Everything

(Works with Talent Studio and Polygon Studio)

USE WITH CAUTION. All Saved Data will be lost!
As you boot the console, hold L Button+D-Pad Down+A Button (L + D-Pad Down + A) until you get a message asking you if you really want to delete all your content.
There is also L Button+D-Pad Down+B Button (L + D-Pad Down + B) to delete the auto-saved content.
Left Button is Yes, Right Button is No.

Just as a warning, if you do that in Talent Studio, the movie with Hiroshi Yamauchi’s message will be deleted.

Hidden Game Boy Camera Commands

(Works with Paint Studio and Talent Studio)

You can use the following button combinations on the color selection screen after taking a picture:

Found inside 64Dream magazine dated 2001-03.

Hidden Bonus Content Menu

(Found within Mario Artist Communication Kit)

In the main menu, to the left of the Options menu, you can find a hidden icon where you get access to bonus content for the rest of the Mario Artist suite.

F-Zero X Bonus Artworks

In any of the Mario Artist titles, in the Save & Load screen, you can swap the disk to F-Zero X Expansion Kit and find bonus hidden pilot artworks.