From Dawn To Dusk

Published on 21 Sep 2019

Announcing now, the release of the first custom The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Expansion Disk, Zelda 64: Dawn & Dusk.
It was a long time coming, I had announced a custom Zelda disk for more than a year. Afterwards, nothing really happened on the public side, until the announcement in Kaze Emanuar’s F3 2019, even though it wasn’t known who was working on it, let alone that it was even an expansion disk.

This is a project that would have never come to fruition without the help of Hylian Modding, so huge thanks to them.
This has been tested on real hardware through many ways, including on a blue disk and a real Zelda OoT cartridge, thanks to the anonymous blue disk owner and Hard4Games.
You can find the disk in the all-new Homebrew / Hacks section of the site. It works with every NTSC version of the game.
Please also check out the GitHub source link, as it contains some of my insights of the making of this custom disk.

A regular ROM patch will also be released in a few days, also for any NTSC version of the game, so feel free to dump your copy of the game.

Feel free to look at Hard4Games’ video about it here:
And also the release trailer is here:

But this isn’t the only update! There’s a new build of Project64, all prepared to work with this expansion disk, with fully revamped 64DD emulation, and that includes features that have been clamored by users and developers.
It also finally supports development disks, so that other Dezaemon DD disk that has been here for quite a while can finally find a use :)

The Project64 tutorial page has also gotten an update to reflect all of the changes. And this time, ALL links are on the page, NO MORE EXCUSES.

I have also added a link to Rosalie241’s Project64 installer in the Downloads page, for people who wants the latest Project64 nightly builds and more.

64DD MFS Manager
BUT I’M NOT DONE JUST YET! I also announce the first release of 64DD MFS Manager. This is a tool that allows file insertion and extraction of user content from Mario Artist and F-Zero X Expansion Kit, to name a few.
I hope I see people sharing their works, I’ll try to see how we could take this to a place that allows easier sharing.

These could be found in the Downloads section of the site.