We're looking for development disks (usually blue), feel free to use the contact section and contact me there. Usually, I'm LuigiBlood on most websites.
We want to get everything dumped, and if you are curious of what's inside your disk, please contact us, and we'll try to figure something out.

Japan Pro Golf Tour 64 Cartridge Port fix (2021/04/08)

Zoinkity came up to me and told me that he had sent the wrong version of the port of Japan Pro Golf Tour 64, which contained a few english translation experiments.
This is now reverted to the original japanese version. I have also added instructions on how to reinit the save.

Just to put this out of the way as well, Zoinkity released a bunch of things for the game on ROMhacking.net:
A DLC Uploader for the disk, also includes a bunch of custom DLCs (use it as a combo N64 ROM).
A Network Tournament Password Generator.
A Network Tournament Results Password Decoder.

Project64 Build Update (2021/01/16)

First of all: Happy New Year. Last year was a pretty cool year for all kinds of reasons, especially with the dump of the Paint Studio prototype.
The latest build started to age a bit so I have made an new build including a brand new controller plugin.
As always, you can find it in the Downloads section!

A dumper update may be happening soon, including, and finally, support for Everdrive 64 via USB.

Dumper Updates (2020/11/30)

Since 0.71, the dumper stopped working properly on regular Development Drives. This is finally fixed with version 0.81. :)
The IPL Dumper is also updated (0.03) to dump the Register Set and H8 ROM.

Everything can be found in the Downloads page.

The impossible is possible (2020/08/30)

Thanks to the hard work of @ChrisPVille, we got the first dump of the 64DD Drive Controller ROM.
From there, while reverse engineering the program, we found out it was possible to dump the ROM thanks to a hidden mode.
I made the dumper which worked on my retail unit, the result is identical to Chris's.
I then passed it to Hard4Games to try it out on his development 64DD unit, and it worked!

You can find the dumps in the retail and development pages!
Maybe we'll figure out something new thanks to this!

The dumper will come out once enough testing is done.

Paint Studio v2.0 translation (2020/07/03)

A new, entirely redone Mario Artist Paint Studio translation!

This is a quick news post to tell you about the new version 2.0 release of Paint Studio translation.
Everything is translated, again, but with better wording and sentences, and I couldn't be any happier about the results.
You can find the translation for both Disk and Cartridge Port (for flashcarts) at the translations page.

BUMP: Now it's version 2.1, because of course, I forgot to fix some things. Please redownload again for some more stability.


It's been five days since the release.

I had started an english translation project for this prototype, then after doing about 80% of the translation, I decided to stop.
I'm currently at work redoing all of the translations for Mario Artist titles.
However I do not want my work to go to waste, so I have released the partial translation of Mario Artist Paint Studio prototype right now in the translations page.
You can also find the source code of the translation in that page. Have fun :)


Oh boy. We have finally found our first 64DD game prototype from a blue disk, thanks to Andrew E., and on top of that, it's a first party one!

That's right, we now have a prototype of Mario Artist Paint Studio, dated 1999-02-11, which is about 9 months before the final build of the game.
It has quite a bunch of differences, with the inclusion of the cut flyswatting Gnat Attack minigame, but we have a video from Hard4Games giving you an overview here:
This prototype is however pretty buggy, and needed a little bit of time for fixes, which Zoinkity (mostly him) and I handled.

You can download this prototype in the Development Games page. It will have the original dump, alongside a playable fixed version.
Because of this prototype, I needed to update 64DD emulation to fix problems, therefore a new version of Project64, required to play the prototype, is now available in the Downloads page. For the first time in a while, this is a custom build with changes that aren't merged officially.

I am also happy to tell you that a new version of the 64DD Disk Dumper is now available, version 0.80 will now recognize disks that don't have a proper system area setup, and will now dump the disk using available information from the disk.

Have fun swatting some flies!

F-Zero X Expansion Kit english NOW ON DISK & Doshin addon scans (2020/05/24)

A lot of things have happened, but not much to be said.

F-Zero X Expansion Kit was translated into english by Zoinkity a while ago, but it was only available as a Cartridge Port.
The problem is that I don't want people to use Cartridge Ports on emulators, only on flashcarts.

So after 2 tentatives to adapt the translation hack into a disk, I have finally done it.
You can now play F-Zero X Expansion Kit with the USA F-Zero X ROM in full english. It is fully compatible with your save file.
I have also updated the translation to be slightly more accurate as well as making it closer to what it was originally intended to be according to Expansion Kit leftovers in the retail US ROM. This is also updated for the Cartridge Port version.
Disk is available as a US region retail disk format, and a development disk format (if you don't want to deal with region problems).

You can use 64DD MFS Manager if you want to migrate your creations to the other version.

If the disk does not work on Project64, I have updated the info.txt file with information on how to fix it as well as a slight update to the Project64 build to include this fix.
You have to disable 32-bit engine & Fixed Audio Timing for the F-Zero X Expansion Kit disk.

I COMPLETELY forgot to put this up, but I was given scans for the Doshin expansion disk's manual from Carl Sammons last year. This is now up on the retail dumps page.
This completes the manual collection for retail 64DD disks. This is really cool :)

Happy 20th Anniversary to the 64DD! (2019/12/31)

Happy 20th birthday to the 64DD, and Happy New Year 2020!

This month was the 20th birthday of the 64DD, so I wanted to release pretty big stuff.
Unfortunately between laziness + depression + other issues + other happier events, I couldn't really do much on time.

But I have a few things to release today:
- The 64DD MFS Manager update that finally supports Zoinkity's Cartridge Ports of 64DD games, so you can actually make some nice stuff between all Mario Artist and share F-Zero X content, and playable on flashcarts!
- The release of an oddity: The 1996-1997 early 64DD IPL4 ROM. It's not actually fully working, but I thought it was interesting to put out as it shows an early look at the N64 logo animation, it's in the Development page.

Hope that you have a good time, and that I get to release updates to certain other things soon :)

From Dawn To Dusk (2019/09/21)

Announcing now, the release of the first custom The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Expansion Disk, Zelda 64: Dawn & Dusk.
It was a long time coming, I had announced a custom Zelda disk for more than a year. Afterwards, nothing really happened on the public side, until the announcement in Kaze Emanuar's F3 2019, even though it wasn't known who was working on it, let alone that it was even an expansion disk.

This is a project that would have never come to fruition without the help of Hylian Modding, so huge thanks to them.
This has been tested on real hardware through many ways, including on a blue disk and a real Zelda OoT cartridge, thanks to the anonymous blue disk owner and Hard4Games.
You can find the disk in the all-new Homebrew / Hacks section of the site. It works with every NTSC version of the game.
Please also check out the GitHub source link, as it contains some of my insights of the making of this custom disk.

A regular ROM patch will also be released in a few days, also for any NTSC version of the game, so feel free to dump your copy of the game.

Feel free to look at Hard4Games' video about it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARfTzJbk-_g
And also the release trailer is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pd83Jzv4ixA

But this isn't the only update! There's a new build of Project64, all prepared to work with this expansion disk, with fully revamped 64DD emulation, and that includes features that have been clamored by users and developers.
It also finally supports development disks, so that other Dezaemon DD disk that has been here for quite a while can finally find a use :)

The Project64 tutorial page has also gotten an update to reflect all of the changes. And this time, ALL links are on the page, NO MORE EXCUSES.

I have also added a link to Rosalie241's Project64 installer in the Downloads page, for people who wants the latest Project64 nightly builds and more.

64DD MFS Manager
BUT I'M NOT DONE JUST YET! I also announce the first release of 64DD MFS Manager. This is a tool that allows file insertion and extraction of user content from Mario Artist and F-Zero X Expansion Kit, to name a few.
I hope I see people sharing their works, I'll try to see how we could take this to a place that allows easier sharing.

These could be found in the Downloads section of the site.

Fresh seals (2019/04/05)

Thanks to another anonymous benefactor, we have a dump of Mario Artist Polygon Studio and Sim City 64 from sealed copies :)

Late, but it's a giant (2019/04/03)

Small update: thanks to an anonymous benefactor, we have a dump of Doshin The Giant from a sealed copy.

New Project64 build! (2019/03/21)

In light of recent updates from GLideN64, Sim City 64 is now working at playable speeds in HLE.
So I have updated Project64 to include the new plugin build and fixed RDB file from clumsy errors in my part.
These are the only changes in the build, the main EXE is still the same (as I did not feel a lot of changes were made for it).
Have fun with Sim City 64!

New PJ64 build and new sealed dumps! (2019/02/03)

Okay, it's time. 2 new updates:
- Two new dumps from sealed copies of Mario Artist Talent Studio, and Mario Artist Communication Kit from ozidual!
This means they have completely clean saves, aside from Communication Kit having some damaged blocks in the save padding.
Considering the damaged blocks are not in any way damaging the main content (I left the log files to stay honest about this), I felt it was good enough for a release.

- A new Project64 build just came out! This time, 64DD support is done proper, with full support for the Game Browser, and Recently Loaded Games, etc.
There's also actual warnings about the 64DD IPL ROM, which by the way: YOU SHOULD USE THE RETAIL ONE IN RETAIL DUMPS PAGE, just to make it clear.
Each 64DD game can now have its own custom settings, whether it is for the core emulator or its plugins.
This should greatly improve the way you play 64DD games and also N64 games since I include the latest changes of GLideN64 as well.
Have fun!

Some QoL changes (2019/01/31)

So, I'm back in business for a bit, with some quality of life changes in mind:
- First of all, the dumps pages now have some dropdown links, with the recommended download first.
- Clean saves have been redone: disk_cleansave is simply not the way to go, with many bugs going, so clean saves have been redone for a few of them, this time fully working.
- Downloads page also uses dropdown links.

I also plan to release a new Project64 build soon, with some really good changes about 64DD support.
If you are impatient, please go to the Project64 nightly build page and download the latest build.

Talent Studio Translation Version 2 beta release (2018/12/08)

As I am not having as much free time as I used to, I have decided to release a beta version of the Version 2 of Mario Artist Talent Studio's english translation.
The interface should be fully translated, only the samples aren't, alongside randomized content.
If you were curious to try out Talent Studio, this would be a good time to do so.

Randnet Disk Ver. 01 dump (2018/09/23)

Here's a new dump, and also the last NEW dump possible from a retail 64DD disk, the updated version of Randnet Disk.
While it cannot be emulated, at least this version is fully preserved online, and that's always a good thing :)

Redumps! (2018/08/11)

So, nothing much has really happened these days, but I have a few things to talk about:
- Two new confirmed redumps from sealed games came in: Mario Artist Paint Studio from ozidual, and my own sealed copy of F-Zero X Expansion Kit.
No need to clean them from saves: They don't have any.
- A new clean Sim City 64 dump came in from ozidual: no more of that default Beginner Mode save anymore, and the same is done for the Cartridge Port version.
- Speaking of Cartridge Ports: a save fix from ozidual for Doshin The Giant 1 has been added.

- It took me a while to eventually decide, but I released a clean dump of Dezaemon DD's 1998/02/23, complete with System Area.
Let me be completely honest here: I did this without permission. But this dump in particular has already been released without the System Area, so I don't think I've done anything wrong with this.
The problem is that I cannot contact the owner of this anymore. I simply haven't been able to. I do have another dump of another Dezaemon DD disk but it is malformed (not to say the dump is bad by any means) so I'll keep that one under wraps.

Let's model things (2018/02/23)

Mario Artist Polygon Studio's English translation is now released!
100% English, from text to graphics! Have fun!

Happy New Year? (2018/02/16)

So here's a list of things that I've updated since the new year:
- Project64 Tutorial now includes a N64 Mouse Profile. Lots of people had technical problems setting it up, so I made a profile that should work for everyone.
- Mario Artist Tips now includes more details on disk formatting between Auto Saved content and everything at once.
- I have added Sim City 64 and Doshin The Giant 1 to the translation page, which are done by ozidual. He's making a good job :D

The big news of today, is that I'm bringing you an update to Mario Artist Paint Studio's translation: This time, it's 100% translated.
Also I fixed a broken link for the CART release, oops. All the graphics that contained japanese for menus and stuff are now translated into English. Have fun!

Yes, Mario Artist Polygon Studio translation is coming soon. Really soon.

This was desperately needed (2017/12/03)

I've now updated the Project64 build. This time around, I am including different video plugins:
- Glide64 for Project64 has been renamed to Project64-video to avoid confusion.
- GLideN64 has been updated. There are now default settings for 64DD games so you shouldn't need to set anything anymore.
- angrylion-rdp-plus is now included instead of the older angrylion plugin. It's faster, may be a little less accurate but you should get playable speeds on a fast CPU.
- z64gl has been removed because I simply cannot use it anymore; I do not want to include very unstable plugins.

Less video plugins but better choices instead. Have fun!

Another 64DD Disk Dumper release! (2017/10/25)

Ok so I didn't expect to make this much changes but I think it will be very interesting, to say the least.

- Added menu option for faster full dumps (with less accuracy)
- Hacks libleo at runtime (avoiding doing the HACKS in the ROM)
- Uses libleo's variables instead of making our own, as a result:
- System Data is read from libleo and shows Disk Type and Region.
- Uses System Data for ROM/RAM LBA Ranges.

It's now up at the downloads section. This will be interesting for blue disks where not much can be checked at once and cannot rely on skipping to RAM.

New 64DD Disk Dumper release! (2017/10/22)

NEWS! A new version of 64DD Disk Dumper has been released!

Here's a bit of a changelog:
- New Menu!
- Pausing feature, you can skip to RAM area (save data) and also to the end of the disk!
- Code was rewritten and is now much more compact.

It took a little while but it's now up in the Downloads section!

New Tips & Tricks section (2017/05/28)

I wanted to do this for a while, so here it is: a Tips & Tricks section!
For now it only contains a single Mario Artist tip that isn't fully known, and the full solution of the beginner mode of Sim City 64 which might be really useful to all of you.
It's available right now :D

In other news: I now own a 64DD. For real. You might want to check out my Tumblr for more information, I think it might please a lot of you who wants some 64DD research action.
I'm just waiting for other things and then we'll begin the huge research.

I have a TALENT for update timing (2017/04/17)

Missed me? Well I certainly missed having 64DD news for you all. :D

So, first things first, ZueriHB and Husan93 brought you some more scans of 64DD manuals, here's a little list:
- Mario Artist Communication Kit
- Mario Artist Polygon Studio
- Japan Pro Golf Tour 64
- Sim City 64
- Nintendo 64DD Manual
- Nintendo 64DD Modem Manual
It took a while, but we are approaching closer to having all manuals scanned :D
One thing needs to be said, those were scanned in a much higher quality, so expect the download to take a little more time than usual.

And now the news you've probably been waiting for:
The first release of Mario Artist Talent Studio english translation patch! It has all the text data translated (except the random text and samples), however graphics are left unmodified (Save & Load is an exception).
But I think now things are quite playable for anybody who wants to have fun with it.

And of course, here's another news: NEW PROJECT64 BUILD. With a new version of GLideN64 that has some fixes... also some regressions, unfortunately, but the fixes have a lot of benefits overall :D
I still left the old one, just in case, though.

A bunch of updates (2016/12/13)

It has been a while and I wanted to update on some more things for you all:
- First of all: I have added an english translated 64DD Manual, kindly sent by Andy Robb and translated by Catriona Anderson. It's not scans per say but you can at least understand the manual if you own it.
- Mario Artist Paint Studio translation is going slowly but I've decided to release a new version with some fixes and a superb english title screen by Cauterize. :D
- A new Project64 build is now released. I have seen a few issues since and I decided to not wait some more. I have done some 64DD playing with it for a few days and it seemed to work.
If it crashes on close, your 64DD save should not disappear this time. I have also managed to make "Glide64 for PJ64" work with Talent Studio.
And then I have added z64gl LLE GFX plugin specifically for the ability to play Sim City 64 at decent speeds. The tutorial section has been updated to include recommended settings for each game, if you are not sure of what to choose.

First translation & Project64 build removed (2016/10/06)

First of all, I've removed the September build of Project64. It was simply way too buggy and I simply wouldn't recommend it anymore.
So about supporting the US IPL ROM or Dev one, which anyway have to no use right now, you gotta wait a bit more, or build Project64 yourself.

And last but not least, about a week and a half ago, I began working on my own first 64DD (even N64) translation ever: Mario Artist Paint Studio!
I have released the very first version, which doesn't have the textures translated and some quirks here and there but is totally manageable if you don't understand a single word of japanese.
Have fun! :D

Clean dumps and overhaul (2016/09/19)

You may have noticed that the site has changed a little bit. Cartridge Ports are now in their own page, and I added a few placeholders for future pages.
There's also the contact menu where you can find me on if you want to contact me (if you have blue disks, or if you know someone who has blue disks, please tell me).

There is also the clean dumps that appeared on the Retail games page. Here's the thing: some dumps contained saves in them, and sometimes it's a bit of a bother.
I have written a tool called disk_cleansave to wipe the saves of the dumps so you can play them like it was new. Have fun. :D

New Project64 build! (2016/09/03)

64DD.org now has a newer Project64 build, with US IPL support and TOOL IPL support... also with a fix for the 64DD Real Time Clock sending back the wrong year.
Also has a new GLideN64 build, which is now selected by default... and don't worry about that window. :D


Well then, hello to MetalJesusRocks fans who might stumble on this site after watching his video :D
The video is here if you want to watch it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pe-fs1COgr0

Here's a big update: the USA 64DD IPL ROM and Development IPL ROM from MetalJesusRocks and Hard4Games are available right here, right now!
And that's not all: The dump for his blue disk is also available... even though it's contents are not very exciting for me personally.

I also got new manual scans courtesy of ZueriHB and Husan93 of F-Zero X Expansion Kit and Randnet DD! The list is getting bigger, and you might expect more of those soon!

I've also seperated the Retail and Unreleased Games into their own pages. People kept picking the wrong IPL to play games with, despite everything I tried to point them in the right direction, so I made sure there's no confusion.
Also, those IPLs should be supported in CEN64 and Project64 pretty soon if not now. I also have added the English IPL4ROM hack by Zoinkity, AND the site now uses SSL! Boy, a lot of updates today :D

Doshin The Giant scans! (2016/07/23)

Well here's an unexpected update: I can now offer you some nice scans of Doshin The Giant 1's manuals and more, courtesy of Tom James!
Thank you so much, Tom! We're one step over preserving 64DD games :D

Updated Downloads page (2016/05/31)

I wanted to update the download page with more emulators (CEN64 & MAME) to choose from, and I also wanted to release leoulx, for aspiring 64DD emu devs.
Feel free to use those. :D

New Project64 build! (2016/05/30)

Here's a new build with the awaited feature of 64DD emulation:
SAVING! DISK SWAPPING! Tutorial is updated to include more information about it.

Also ddconvert has been updated to fix a bug for Randnet Disk conversion, as well as added my own ddconvert_back, to convert back to the original format.
The dumps page have been updated as well, to show retail and unreleased games. I also moved up the Retail 64DD IPL ROM dump (since that's the one you need).

BONUS DUMP EDIT: The modem cartridge has been dumped for posterity, you can get it, though you cannot use it. :D
(Thanks jrra!)

New 64DD IPL DISK cartridge dump (2016/03/18)

I guess for a change we got a new IPL DISK cartridge dump from Zoinkity this time!
It's somewhat surprising, those cartridges are not meant to be booted yet it definitely contains early 64DD IPL data in it.
Anyway you can download it right now :D

New Project64 build for 64DD use (2016/02/28)

I have recently made a new Project64 build with every plugin that you need for 64DD use.
It includes a new version of GLideN64 which provides 100% compatibility to Mario Artist Paint Studio, for example. The tutorial is also updated for the occasion.
The build is available for download in the tutorial page for Project64, or the Downloads page. HAVE FUN!

Happy New Year of 64DD! (2016/01/26)

I just added the Retail 64DD IPL ROM to the dumps page.
Use it for my Project64 build with WORKING 64DD support! https://github.com/LuigiBlood/project64/releases/tag/64DD
(You have to read the instructions, this is important.)

New website and new domain! (2015/12/12)

I gotta thank Matthew Callis for making this possible, once again!
So this website has everything the older website has, and redesigned! That way you won't be mad at the design. :D

All the older news from the older website

2015-12-02 News:
Here's the scans of Mario Artist Talent Studio Instruction Manual, also from Zoinkity! Have fun!

2015-12-01 News:
Added Mario Artist Paint Studio Instruction Manual scans from Zoinkity! Talent Studio is coming soon!
I should mention that I am interested on more scans (I can accept higher quality of those already uploaded) of 64DD instruction manuals, my contact info is just above. :D
I usually answer pretty quick, at least during the day.

2015-11-19 News:
I added a little Project64 tutorial for you to play 64DD games. Enjoy!

2015-10-06 News:
Today saw the release of ED64 OS 2.10. What's so special about it? It officially supports 64DD cartridge ports.
It even saves back the new data. It also fixes Dezaemon 3D SRAM.
So I've taken the liberty to remove the mention of 64drive.
However, I'm not sure if you really can swap the cartridge ports with each other, the main selling point of Mario Artist is that the data is compatible with each other and also a few games like SimCity 64 and Doshin.
So I don't know about that, but at least it saves back the new data automatically unlike 64drive.
Enjoy the games!
EDIT: Added MAME tutorial!

2015-08-26 News:
NESWorld has just dumped the cartridge called DISK, made for 64DD development purposes.
Uses for it were for access to fonts and sounds for development games, it was even needed to get games running.
This is dumped for the first time to my knowledge, and I think it's a beta 64DD IPL. The versioning seems to tell that way.

2015-07-26 News:
F-Zero XP ENGLISH VERSION IS OUT! Zoinkity is a beast at this.
May be subjected to updates, however. RDB update coming soon.

2015-06-26 News:
Don't be hyped about it, this is only for listing purposes.
I decided to add all what's known to exist so far.
More news: I added the old dump release of Dezaemon DD (1998/02) from back in 2011.
Also added ways to contact me.

2015-05-31 News:
Added info about running 64DD conversions on Everdrive 64.

2015-05-23 News:
F-Zero XP is out! This is a combo of the original game + disk in one! Have fun!
You're mad, Zoinkity!

2015-05-22 News:
All 64DD conversions got a bugfix update. Sorry for the inconvenience.

2015-05-14 News:
Sim City 64 conversion is out, RIGHT NOW!

2015-05-08 News:
Added Dezaemon 3D + Expansion patched ROM, also by Zoinkity. This is pretty old but why not adding it here anyway...
It works pretty differently, as it is the original ROM with the unreleased DD expansion included in it, which you can also save if you have a 64drive.

2015-05-05 News:
Get Mario Artist Paint Studio conversion by Zoinkity RIGHT NOW! Also, you can use international Game Boy Cameras if you want.
EDIT: Paint, Talent and Polygon Studio UPDATE! Something was missing. Also there's a bugfix, just in case.
SORRY, zip files were corrupted, you may be able to download them now!

2015-05-04 News:
Mario Artist Talent Studio, Polygon Studio and Communication Kit conversions are released!

2015-05-01 News:
Zoinkity has just released the first disk to cartridge conversion! You can now play Japan Pro Golf Tour 64 on your 64drive RIGHT NOW!
EDIT: AND NOW Doshin Store Demo is playable! AND Doshin 2 is released... but you can't do much with it for now.
EDIT2: Doshin 1 release! And Doshin Store Demo BUGFIX!
More information here: http://youtu.be/uAh-u2iwEm0
As the saved content will not be saved back to the SD/CF card, you will need to dump back the content to your PC with a USB cable. Info in the description of the video above.
Sorry Everdrive 64 folks, but this will just never work on your flashcart. (If you harass one of us for saying this in the past and got wrong, just fuck you. We're happy that we're wrong.)