New Video and New Dump

Published on 09 Jul 2024

You may have not noticed, but I added a new tutorial page for SummerCart64 to make it very easy to use for 64DD games but also to figure out how to update it and so on, hopefully this will be very helpful for new users.

As of recently, I helped Did You Know Gaming to cover every cancelled 64DD game, either to debunk or confirm, or provide technical information and some corrections (some of which I missed, I’m sorry!), and the first video came out a few days ago, and you can find it here:

And, the day the video came out, I was managing what looks to be an actual prototype of a retail 64DD from Console Variations!
Insane! We dumped the H8/3294 CPU ROM from it, it’s even the earliest drive controller firmware I’ve seen, ever, from April 3rd 1997.
You can find it on the Retail Games downloads page, though it’s not of much use but for preservation for whoever is interested. I’ve also left the page to the retail prototype in question.