Play the translations using real disks

Published on 12 Mar 2022

So, not that long ago, Zoinkity on YouTube has shown off some of his latest work, the ability to play Mario Artist Paint Studio translation as a cartridge expansion to the main disk, which you can see how it works here:

Well I was just given not only one, but two of those: Paint Studio and Polygon Studio!
I have tested them on my real disks, and it works perfectly fine, and mind you, my own Paint Studio disk doesn’t boot at all, so this makes my disk actually playable lol

The way it works is basically that the cartridge boots a modified main executable of the game, with modifications in a way that it reads every file that’s different from the cartridge, and everything untouched from the disk, including save data.

So let’s be honest, not a lot of people would really make use of this, it’s clearly aimed at the people who owns a real 64DD, a flashcart and the games in question.

Anyway, both are now available in the Translations as what I name “Combo”. Just insert the disk before booting those and you should be fine.