The Ultimate Polygon Studio translation

Published on 27 Dec 2021

Due to the assembler I used for the Mario Artist translations in the past not really existing anymore in that form, I was obligated to update it, and so ported all of my previous work with Mario Artist translations to it.

I didn’t think I would do a massive update to the Mario Artist Polygon Studio english translation with a brand new v3.0 release now found in the Translations page!

It comes with massive changes to the text, more stability, much more attention to detail than I ever did previously that I hope it makes it feel like an official localization to you.

But I must do a little warning: I did something that makes the translation not recognizable by some emulators like Project64. So I updated the archive with a brand new database file that sees it + more.
The emulator itself hasn’t changed one bit, so if you don’t feel like redownloading it and setting it up again, I have made a link to the database file available. Just copy it to the Config folder of Project64.

Hopefully this won’t be too inconvenient for you. This release comes with a Disk version, a Cartridge Port version (compatible with flashcarts) and a new D64 Master Disk file. Again, you can find it in the Translations page on the site.