Zelda Expansion - Disk Version

Published on 20 Dec 2021

Recently, you might have seen the release of a Zelda OoT Mod called Zelda Expansion (Video here) spearheaded by ZethN64, which is a mod that aims to use the original 64DD dungeons found in the gigaleak. This has differences compared to what was released for Master Quest, with different layouts and puzzles.
You can find the original ROM patch here: https://github.com/ZethRyder/Disk-Expansion/releases

Or you can now play the brand new disk version of the mod, made by myself with assistance from the original mod team, and is compatible with all NTSC Retail versions of Ocarina of Time, of course. It is playable in both japanese and english depending on the ROM chosen.
It is based on the disk expansion source code of Zelda 64 Dawn & Dusk, albeit much more simplified since this mod needs way less work. This is possibly the closest to what Nintendo originally intended.

But without further ado, you can find it in the Homebrew / Hacks page, or right here: https://github.com/LuigiBlood/zelda_expansion_disk/releases