...the last Dezaemon DD Dump, type 2

Published on 11 Aug 2021

Okay so, I owe you all an apology.

Back in January 2015, after the dumping of the entire retail collection of 64DD games, I attempted to improve the dumper to be able to dump blue disks as we didn’t know how to do it back then.
I had willis82, a collector who had 3 disks of Dezaemon DD (one of them went to @_BehindTheCode), willing to actually test it for me. I did a lot of tricks to be able to dump blue disks, including one that involved forcing a disk type.

I was therefore convinced that blue disks that weren’t of disk type 0 were dumped wrong, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t fully dumped, mind you, just that the order of the data was wrong.

However it seems my disk type hack was actually not working. Meaning that the disks were actually dumped correctly and in the intended order. I feel dumb.

Since I released the first dump anyway, I decided to release the other Dezaemon DD dump that I have kept for 6 years. It’s now available in the Development Games page as Type 2. It is actually dated earlier than the other dumps, and the menu background is actually different with this disk.

So this is 3 Dezaemon DD disks on the site, and I know there are 2 left, and I know who has them. Unfortunately, do not expect a release of them, but believe me that these were dumped by the collector at the very least. This collector was also instrumental in reconfirming retail disk dumps, and I still thank him for that.

Have fun with that last functioning blue disk dump that I have kept for so long.

EDIT: I have added new tips to the Dezaemon 3D page.