Another Dezaemon DD Dump

Published on 11 Aug 2021

This was dumped a while back, but I figured we needed to release it anyway, even if it’s not particularly useful. This blue disk was dumped by @_BehindTheCode, from his prototype development 64DD unit. You can find it in the Downloads section of the site :)

Unfortunately this blue disk may have been tampered by accident by one of the previous owners, but it seems it didn’t do much damage and was easily fixed by hand using the other disk dump, so everything’s fine. The dump also didn’t go as smoothly, so it has something else inside by accident but considering it’s part of bad data it’s not a big deal.

This is technically the second disk of Dezaemon DD out of 5, but I have one more dump to share, but it was made using a very early test of the dumper for blue disks, it unfortunately needs fixing. I’ll deal with it fairly soon.