F-Zero X Expansion Kit english NOW ON DISK & Doshin addon scans

Published on 24 May 2020

A lot of things have happened, but not much to be said.

F-Zero X Expansion Kit was translated into english by Zoinkity a while ago, but it was only available as a Cartridge Port.
The problem is that I don’t want people to use Cartridge Ports on emulators, only on flashcarts.

So after 2 tentatives to adapt the translation hack into a disk, I have finally done it.
You can now play F-Zero X Expansion Kit with the USA F-Zero X ROM in full english. It is fully compatible with your save file.
I have also updated the translation to be slightly more accurate as well as making it closer to what it was originally intended to be according to Expansion Kit leftovers in the retail US ROM. This is also updated for the Cartridge Port version.
Disk is available as a US region retail disk format, and a development disk format (if you don’t want to deal with region problems).

You can use 64DD MFS Manager if you want to migrate your creations to the other version.

If the disk does not work on Project64, I have updated the info.txt file with information on how to fix it as well as a slight update to the Project64 build to include this fix.
You have to disable 32-bit engine & Fixed Audio Timing for the F-Zero X Expansion Kit disk.

I COMPLETELY forgot to put this up, but I was given scans for the Doshin expansion disk’s manual from Carl Sammons last year. This is now up on the retail dumps page.
This completes the manual collection for retail 64DD disks. This is really cool :)