New PJ64 build and new sealed dumps!

Published on 03 Feb 2019

Okay, it’s time. 2 new updates:

This means they have completely clean saves, aside from Communication Kit having some damaged blocks in the save padding.
Considering the damaged blocks are not in any way damaging the main content (I left the log files to stay honest about this), I felt it was good enough for a release.

There’s also actual warnings about the 64DD IPL ROM, which by the way: YOU SHOULD USE THE RETAIL ONE IN RETAIL DUMPS PAGE, just to make it clear.
Each 64DD game can now have its own custom settings, whether it is for the core emulator or its plugins.
This should greatly improve the way you play 64DD games and also N64 games since I include the latest changes of GLideN64 as well.
Have fun!