I have a TALENT for update timing

Published on 17 Apr 2017

Missed me? Well I certainly missed having 64DD news for you all. :D

So, first things first, ZueriHB and Husan93 brought you some more scans of 64DD manuals, here’s a little list:

And now the news you’ve probably been waiting for:
The first release of Mario Artist Talent Studio english translation patch! It has all the text data translated (except the random text and samples), however graphics are left unmodified (Save & Load is an exception).
But I think now things are quite playable for anybody who wants to have fun with it.

And of course, here’s another news: NEW PROJECT64 BUILD. With a new version of GLideN64 that has some fixes… also some regressions, unfortunately, but the fixes have a lot of benefits overall :D
I still left the old one, just in case, though.