Published on 02 Sep 2016

Well then, hello to MetalJesusRocks fans who might stumble on this site after watching his video :D
The video is here if you want to watch it:

Here’s a big update: the USA 64DD IPL ROM and Development IPL ROM from MetalJesusRocks and Hard4Games are available right here, right now!
And that’s not all: The dump for his blue disk is also available… even though it’s contents are not very exciting for me personally.

I also got new manual scans courtesy of ZueriHB and Husan93 of F-Zero X Expansion Kit and Randnet DD! The list is getting bigger, and you might expect more of those soon!

I’ve also seperated the Retail and Unreleased Games into their own pages. People kept picking the wrong IPL to play games with, despite everything I tried to point them in the right direction, so I made sure there’s no confusion.
Also, those IPLs should be supported in CEN64 and Project64 pretty soon if not now. I also have added the English IPL4ROM hack by Zoinkity, AND the site now uses SSL! Boy, a lot of updates today :D