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Published on 02 Dec 2015

2015-12-02 News:
Here’s the scans of Mario Artist Talent Studio Instruction Manual, also from Zoinkity! Have fun!

2015-12-01 News:
Added Mario Artist Paint Studio Instruction Manual scans from Zoinkity! Talent Studio is coming soon!
I should mention that I am interested on more scans (I can accept higher quality of those already uploaded) of 64DD instruction manuals, my contact info is just above. :D
I usually answer pretty quick, at least during the day.

2015-11-19 News:
I added a little Project64 tutorial for you to play 64DD games. Enjoy!

2015-10-06 News:
Today saw the release of ED64 OS 2.10. What’s so special about it? It officially supports 64DD cartridge ports.
It even saves back the new data. It also fixes Dezaemon 3D SRAM.
So I’ve taken the liberty to remove the mention of 64drive.
However, I’m not sure if you really can swap the cartridge ports with each other, the main selling point of Mario Artist is that the data is compatible with each other and also a few games like SimCity 64 and Doshin.
So I don’t know about that, but at least it saves back the new data automatically unlike 64drive.
Enjoy the games!
EDIT: Added MAME tutorial!

2015-08-26 News:
NESWorld has just dumped the cartridge called DISK, made for 64DD development purposes.
Uses for it were for access to fonts and sounds for development games, it was even needed to get games running.
This is dumped for the first time to my knowledge, and I think it’s a beta 64DD IPL. The versioning seems to tell that way.

2015-07-26 News:
F-Zero XP ENGLISH VERSION IS OUT! Zoinkity is a beast at this.
May be subjected to updates, however. RDB update coming soon.

2015-06-26 News:
Don’t be hyped about it, this is only for listing purposes.
I decided to add all what’s known to exist so far.
More news: I added the old dump release of Dezaemon DD (1998/02) from back in 2011.
Also added ways to contact me.

2015-05-31 News:
Added info about running 64DD conversions on Everdrive 64.

2015-05-23 News:
F-Zero XP is out! This is a combo of the original game + disk in one! Have fun!
You’re mad, Zoinkity!

2015-05-22 News:
All 64DD conversions got a bugfix update. Sorry for the inconvenience.

2015-05-14 News:
Sim City 64 conversion is out, RIGHT NOW!

2015-05-08 News:
Added Dezaemon 3D + Expansion patched ROM, also by Zoinkity. This is pretty old but why not adding it here anyway…
It works pretty differently, as it is the original ROM with the unreleased DD expansion included in it, which you can also save if you have a 64drive.

2015-05-05 News:
Get Mario Artist Paint Studio conversion by Zoinkity RIGHT NOW! Also, you can use international Game Boy Cameras if you want.
EDIT: Paint, Talent and Polygon Studio UPDATE! Something was missing. Also there’s a bugfix, just in case.
SORRY, zip files were corrupted, you may be able to download them now!

2015-05-04 News:
Mario Artist Talent Studio, Polygon Studio and Communication Kit conversions are released!

2015-05-01 News:
Zoinkity has just released the first disk to cartridge conversion! You can now play Japan Pro Golf Tour 64 on your 64drive RIGHT NOW!
EDIT: AND NOW Doshin Store Demo is playable! AND Doshin 2 is released… but you can’t do much with it for now.
EDIT2: Doshin 1 release! And Doshin Store Demo BUGFIX!
More information here:
As the saved content will not be saved back to the SD/CF card, you will need to dump back the content to your PC with a USB cable. Info in the description of the video above.
Sorry Everdrive 64 folks, but this will just never work on your flashcart. (If you harass one of us for saying this in the past and got wrong, just fuck you. We’re happy that we’re wrong.)