Those Cartridge Ports are meant to be used on flashcarts like 64drive and Everdrive 64.
Use Disk versions for emulators like Project64 and parallel-n64.
*Game Name
Cartridge Port
Retail Disks
Mario Artist Paint Studio / マリオアーティスト ペイントスタジオ DMPJ LuigiBlood
Mario Artist Talent Studio / マリオアーティスト タレントスタジオ DMTJ LuigiBlood
Mario Artist Polygon Studio / マリオアーティスト ポリゴンスタジオ DMGJ LuigiBlood
Sim City 64 / シムシティー64 DSCJ ozidual, krom
Doshin The Giant 1 / 巨人のドシン1 DKDJ ozidual
If you want to contact me (LuigiBlood), I'm on Twitter, Reddit, ASSEMblerGames, GBAtemp...
I'm always looking for people who owns blue disks, and I will personally help dumping if there's a problem.