*Game Name
Dumper / Owner
Disk Download
Development Disks
Super Mario 64 Disk Version / スーパーマリオ64 ディスクバージョン Jimmy130
Dezaemon DD / デザエモンDD (1998/02/23) DEZA willis82
"Disk One" - ddspgame (SDK demo) 4567 Zoinkity
ddspgame (SDK demo) MetalJesusRocks
"Test Disk" - Mario Artist Paint Studio (1999/02/11 Prototype Build) TEST Andrew E.
Documented Undumped Disks
Mario Artist Paint Studio (M3-KM-0? disk) ???? coreycorey2000
Sim City 64 (M3-KM-0? disk) ???? coreycorey2000
Doshin The Giant (M3-KM-0? disks) ???? coreycorey2000
Other Dumps
64DD IPL (JPN) DISK (cartridge) [v1.0] (Do NOT use for emulation) NDDJ NESWorld
64DD IPL (JPN) DISK (cartridge) [v1.1] (Do NOT use for emulation) NDDJ Zoinkity
64DD IPL (USA) (US Retail Drive Prototype) (Use for USA 64DD emulation) NDDE MetalJesusRocks
64DD TOOL IPL (JPN) (Development Drive) (Use for DEV 64DD emulation) NDXJ Hard4Games
64DD IPL4 (1996/1997)
64DD H8/3294 Drive Controller ROM (Development) [98/06/16] Hard4Games
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I'm always looking for people who owns blue disks, and I will personally help dumping if there's a problem.